Behind the scenes

‘Behind-the-scenes’ allows all you gorgeous ‘real’ people to see how it actually is for the models & celeb’s that I work with.

Far from the glamour of reality wannabe-model TV series, and fictional magazine worlds, is the every day struggle for the stylist (ho ho)

Believe me… it was never fun carrying my vast hair case and make-up box down the broken escalators onto London’s tubes, or risking their expensive contents being thrashed about on the conveyor belt onto a plane…

and it’s us make-up artists that get told to ‘hurry up’ by the photographer, who then decides to (a) change a bulb (b) change location (c) change the model

Many’s the time I had to throw my son at the child minder in order to catch the last plane to Paris for a newspapers dead-line, only to be greeted at the other end—hungry and tired, by an ancient housekeeper offering only champagne and green and fishy things (oh come on, in the early hours with no sleep, all a good British lass wants is a cup of sweet tea and beans on toast !)

How about all the shoots in Morrocco ? sunshine and spices filling the air ? I DON’T think so… try, sleeping in a Riad room, photographer on one side, model on the other, both clutching the sheets in fear of the argument going on in the street below, the smell of festering Donkey and stale tagine wafting in over the open walls..

Of course there are some perks, I enjoy the running between van and cliff top, changing the model and powdering off her sweat as she clings to a rock – I always come home so much fitter and thinner.

I have been to some fabulous locations in the world – but always wished I was there lying on the sand sunbathing, rather than lying on the sand holding down the bottom of a billowing dress, or smoothing out a rogue footprint that is spoiling the shot.

I have spent over 20 years in this business now, and, with the recession, have (as one of the few artists that does Hair, Make-up AND Clothes Styling) been more in demand than ever for location shoots (one seat, one bed, but three jobs !)

So, am I planning on retiring any time soon… ?

are you joking… I LOVE IT !!!

Lucinda x