Are you unsure of what to wear to a red carpet event (covered by OK Magazine)


So, you have been invited to a ball/charity dinner/red-carpet do ? and you left your 30’s behind 2/3… decades ago ?

What to wear ? well firstly decide which is your best bit… your boobs/arms/shoulders/back ? or perhaps your legs ? After the age of 45 I would say it’s definitely best to only reveal one end or the other, – if you get what I mean.

I recently attended a charity ball hosted by my fabulous, hard-working, uber talented friend Sally Dynevor. We both wore Amanda Wyatt gowns… with her gorgeous slim frame and tiny shoulders looking lovely in her chosen shape… my gown, although similar was cut to one shoulder at the front, with a cut-out at the waist… not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am lucky still to have a waist, and the hole did allow me to sit easier, as the dress was a bit tight (ho ho). Both dresses had the advantage of a wonderful firm, sculpted breast area – so no need for bras pushing loose skin out at the sides etc. I totally recommend this type of sculpting – soft inner corsetry – the shape the bust area gives you is lifted and firm, never moves, and yet feels like it isn’t restrictive in any way.

I TOTALLY recommend the Amanda Wyatt BRIDAL Collection too… her choice of gowns are stunning, and her firm sculpted bust area sits so beautifully on all ages, from 18 to 80 !!

You can check out Amanda Wyatt Gowns & Bridal Wear on:

Do you know someone who’s had/has breast cancer ? Support the Genesis Breast cancer care team and Christies Hospital Manchester – who are truly a world leader in moving forward in the battle against breast cancer…

Don’t have that take away coffee and bun at break time, or that second glass of wine tonight… instead gift them the £5… it’ll make a HUGE difference to the charity if we all do this (and help keep your figure too !!!) gifting is so easy through their website….

Be Gorgeous, and stay healthy… you soooo deserve it !!

Lucinda x