Alternative (REAL !!) wedding day hairstyle ideas continued…


Be YOU on your wedding day… OK, be YOU but with bags of style… show the inner goddess. Forget the ‘How to look like a bride’ pages in that pile of mags you have now accumulated, how about doing yourself (and the groom) a favour, and looking like YOU – only of course the best YOU you can be !

Think RED CARPET, not bridal and you’ll be on my wave length.

What’s YOUR style… which words best sum you up… ?


soft & girlie

sexy lady

wild child

free spirit

classic, clean, chic

vintage twist

quiet, simple & shy

elegant & expensive

WAG wannabe OK-mag-style

Gypsy Wedding full bling

Don’t know my true ‘look’ (need Lucinda !!!)


DON’T be swayed by your photographer / hairdresser / dress maker / friend / mother /mags & tv wedding shows to be a ‘cut-out’ bride… you aren’t sacrificing yourself to the devil…. yes, ok it’s kind of a ritual, and we all like a bit of tradition, but if GOK suddenly announced that to be the BEST bride, you had to tattoo each others names on a buttock would you do it ?

If your dress is simple, slips down over the body – no added anything, then go messy with the hair and stick a flower in…

if the dress is big and bling, keep the hair sleek and beautiful, pulled cleanly back with structure…

if it’s vintage, do a softer vintage up-to-date hairstyle – no need to look like you are in the WAFS, or appearing in a 40’s film…

Make the most of YOU, even if that means doing nothing – maybe YOU look best JUST how you are !! wash/blow-dry your own hair, use a bit of tinted moisturiser, apply dark brown mascara, addi a slick of vaseline to the lips, and pinch your cheeks before you go down the aisle…

what ever ‘look’ you choose, don’t forget my top tip…

“Wear it with CONFIDENCE: walk tall with elegant confident posture, laugh, smile, be happy… and show everyone how much you love your man…”

stay gorgeous

Lucinda x

(photo: – fabulous hair accessories for Brides)